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Disruptive Technology of the 21st Century

Disruptive Technology of the 21st Century

| March 16, 2021

Over the course of time, society has benefited from innovation; today it is often referred to as disruptive technology! Throughout history, we have seen 4 major industrial revolutions, each influenced by a “disruptive technology” that ultimately pushed America to new heights. Today, we are at the footsteps of a new disruptive technology that history will certainly define as one of the most exciting ever. Before I tell you what it is, lets recap the past revolutions that have advanced society…

The 1st Industrial revolution (1820-1840) facilitated the transition from manual production to machine automation, accelerated by the integration of  steam and water power.

The 2nd Industrial Revolution (1870) started at the end of the 19th century with massive advancements in the field of energy generation including electricity, gas, and oil. These energy sources paved the way for benefits like automobiles and airplanes.

The 3rd Industrial Revolution (1969) elevated  the use of electronics, specifically telecommunications and computers. Additionally, space travel and biotech research have benefited as an extension of these advancements.

The 4th and current industrial revolution, aka INDUSTRY 4.0, has emerged in the form of internet, artificial intelligence and accelerated computing power.

While we could argue which revolution was the most productive, none of us can discount that innovation is only accelerating and life as we know it continues to evolve at a rapid pace. That is why I argue that this disruptive technology that will transform the way we go about our daily lives forever, is the creation of 3D Printing.

From things as complex as building homes & manufacturing artificial limbs, to more simple tasks like replacing a broken glass or salad bowl, all are now achievable with this new technology.

Soon, everyone will be living in this new world of limitless possibilities, from the comfort of our own homes. There will be no need to run to the store for a single item when you can print one yourself in 30 minutes. This will affect manufacturers of all industries because of one key, consumer-driven reason: price! In a nutshell, 3D Printers allow goods to be produced in small quantities, thus requiring less material and labor than traditional corporations and lowering the cost. No industry will be immune or unaffected! Sports Shoes… print it. Aircraft components… print it. Artwork, musical instruments, interior shades… PRINT, PRINT, PRINT!

One of the more exciting adaptations that you probably can’t print yourself comes from the Austin TX startup ICON, which is credited for building the world’s first 3D printed home! Essentially, this massive printer churns out layers of cement, which amass to form the exterior structure at a fraction of the cost.

Now if you’re asking yourself, how do I get my hands on one for everyday household items, I would point you in the direction of a company called Dremel Digilabs. This company continues to push the industry forward by raising the bar with increased printing speeds and a lower purchase price. For the average person, the printer they need costs about $1,500 and can be purchased off Amazon right now.

While it’s still early on in this disruptive technology, I anticipate many more adaptations for these 3D printers in the years ahead that will impact all of our lives and by extension, create investment opportunities as well. If you ever want to discuss further, please reach out to me. –Patrick