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About Patrick, CFP®

Client Centered

Making money has been an interest of mine for a long time. My first "business" started at age 10, when I used to go diving for golf balls at the local golf course pond and would sell them back to the future Tiger Woods & Phil Michelsons for a dollar. 

Quickly I realized that the golf ball business wasn't lucrative enough so I set my sights on bigger things. By the time I was 20 years old, I had found my calling. Through an internship with a local financial advisor in Los Angeles, I was introduced to the world of financial services. From the meeting clients from all walks of life to studying how financial plans were created, I was intrigued. However, that same financial advisor worried that I would need more experience before I could survive in the financial planning world and encouraged me to take a detour and try to learn the business from the outside first.

That advice drove me over to the investment side of the business, where I would spend the next 9 years of my career, acting as the liaison between the investment company and the local financial advisor. During my time as an external wholesaler, I was able to learn and partner with some of the best financial representatives in the country. Those experiences helped solidify the best practices and procedures that we provide for our clients today. After nine years of working for the corporate world, I decided that now was the time to venture off on my own. In 2017, I started Concierge Capital Management, LLC. with the notion of providing financial planning to people who's lives were in transition. Whether it was a new job, a new baby or a new retirement, I wanted to assist these people with reducing their stress and increase their optimism.

When I am not at work, you usually can find me either playing pick-up basketball at the local gym, fishing on the intercoastal, Cross-fitting or running on the beach with my wife Lindsay.

We have two dogs (Shaq the great dane and Tucker the chihuahua) and welcomed a little girl named Kaia into our family at the end of 2018.

Client Centered